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The Ties That Bind - Part One

Thu May 14, 2015 3:55 pm

Alright guys...Here is my first entry into the world of Avonlea fan fiction. I wrote this several years ago and am wanting to pick back up with it. So we shall see where this goes. My original title was "Return To Avonlea," but that has been taken. Hope you all enjoy part one!

Felicity Pike stood on the sandy shore of Prince Edward Island. It was a familiar place, a welcomed place, a place that often brought a thought of joy to anyone’s heart. The waves rolled to and fro with fleeting roars and purpose. The frothy waves danced near the grains of sand that served as a welcome to those who came to Prince Edward Island.
It was on this day that Felicity reflected upon the dreary days that had since passed and the bright future that lay before her and her own growing family. Felicity gazed over the vast ocean before her and then dreamily moved her gaze to the nearby lighthouse. Felicity smiled. Her heart and mind searched the memories that had taken place there. From the times that a young Felicity, Felix, and Sara frolicked about its whitewashed walls, to the time she and Gus first kissed within its hushed walls, to the utterly cold moment when Felicity stood by the lighthouse in tears…still…and quiet…and thought she’d never live to see Gus Pike again.
Reality returned as Felicity continued to watch the liberal waves of the deep blue waters before her. She placed a hand on the little one that slept within her, “Soon you will see this blessed island I have come to love dearly….” Another smile escaped the edges of Felicity’s lips as a gentle twilight sunset began to ease o’er the horizon. The sky began to turn into a gentle pink derived from its parental red which beckoned Felicity homeward. She longed to stay at the sandy shore and await the ship that would bring Gus home the day after tomorrow. But she knew mother and father would worry if she were not home soon. Being eight months into her pregnancy, Felicity dare take no chances.

“Mama! Felicity’s here!” Daniel shouted as he ran into the King family kitchen.
“Oh, thank goodness!” Janet King sighed as she took the dishcloth from her shoulder to dust off the flour that had made its way onto her apron while she prepared biscuits to be baked in the wood-burning stove.
“Oh, Mama, Felicity will be fine,” Cecily interjected, hoping to calm her mother.
Janet paused and placed a hand on her side, “Oh, Cecily, perhaps I do worry too much. Perhaps it’s the anticipation of our first grandchild!” Janet managed a wide smile.
“Good evening, Mother,” Felicity entered, placing a gentle kiss on Janet’s cheek.
“I’m so glad you’re back,” Janet admitted while willing away sadness.
Felicity managed to seat herself beside Cecily and began to report her errand, “Cecily, I found myself in reverie at the shore. It was so beautiful that my mind kept remembering all those adventures we would have when all of us were young.”
“A letter came from Sara today,” Felix King announced as he entered the kitchen walkway from the back door.
“Felix, I didn’t hear you come in,” Janet was startled then smiled, “A letter from Sara, you said?”
Felix returned the smile, “Yes. She said she’s coming home!”
An array of whoops and hollers went ‘round the room.
“When?” Cecily broke through the cheering.
“After graduation in June,” Felix answered.
Felicity appeared as if disappointed, “Then Sara won’t be here in time to see the little one born….”
“Felicity, dear, it won’t be that long,” Janet gently consoled her daughter.
“I simply cannot wait to have this baby in my arms,” Felicity concluded within a slightly aggravated sigh.
“Have you and Gus decided on a name?” Cecily queried.
“Ahh! The name,” Felicity began with one hand on her middle, “If it’s a girl, then Janet Eliza Pike. If it’s a boy, then we have no idea.” Felicity chuckled, “We've spent many a sleepless night thinking of boys’ names. But I suppose the right one will come any moment.”

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