Anne’s out of control imagination leads her through a series of adventures, which demonstrate important lessons in loyalty, resolving conflict, problem solving and friendship.

The educational objectives of Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series support a child’s development of his/her identity, reinforced through lateral thinking and the use of a child’s magnitude to absorb daily challenges.

I purchased all three volumes for my daughter, who is three, and she loves them. She has red hair just like Anne which was the initial attraction, and they have proven to be a hit. They are entertaining and each episode teaches a valuable lesson. Very glad we bought them.

S. SaroufimDelighted with this series

My family loves watching this cartoon together. It is imaginative, intelligent, and creative. My child (6 yrs old) learns important lessons, great vocabulary and even some of the basics of Greek mythology, literature and history. We have great conversations after watching each episode! I highly recommend this show for all children.

Amy GangloffGreat Cartoon!

Great for all ages. It's like watching the original programming. It's great how they have transformed the animated character into the same vivacious and inquisitive little spitfire the full length feature accomplished. Get the whole series you won't be disappointed.

Tonya TylerAnne of Green Gables series is wonderful