Gina-D’s Kids Club is a fun-filled children’s series that sparks creativity and imagination. Each episode is like a spoonful of sugar featuring nurturing and gentle host Gina-D. Cuddly animal puppets and fun-loving characters interact in the ‘Kids Clubhouse’, an animated, three-dimensional set. Lessons such as nutrition and household safety are taught through song and audience participation.

Developed to educate and entertain through songs and imagination, each episode of Gina D’s Kids Club is developed with guidance from Dr. Janice K. Battenberg and Dr. Mary Beth Leidman, two highly respected educators. Gina D’s Kids Club is a viable vehicle in the development of the self-image, social, math, and reading skills in young children. The main character, Gina D, is a fun loving and positive role model who connects with her 2 to 6 year-old audience in the same familiarity that children associate with their mothers. Children are not only educated, but are entertained by a cast of whimsical characters which include Simon Wannabe™ , Mister Pockets™, Miss Millie Muffin™, Pierre D’Artist™, TV Ted®, and Doggy Brown™. Gina D’s Kids Club is a place where every kid belongs.

Gina-D’s Kids Club

Gina D is committed to the education and health of America’s young people as evidenced by the content of her shows and her fundraising efforts for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Just Read, Florida!, and other educational providers.