In the tradition of Anne of Green Gables comes another chronicle of the journey to adulthood: Road to Avonlea, set again in the Maritime province of Prince Edward Island. The adventure begins in 1903 when a sheltered city girl, Sara Stanley, is transplanted to a rural community to stay with the relatives of her late mother. The town of Avonlea is peopled with unforgettable characters that we come to know and love as much as Sara does. The series follows her story until she “comes of age”. Along the way, Sara must prove herself to her cousins before she can feel a sense of belonging with the stable, loving family. As the children become older, the plots of the episodes begin to highlight the blossoming romance between the young adults, Felicity and Gus. This affair of the heart is still of great interest to a wide audience. A multitude of heart-warming stories focuses on the other central characters in the family: the sisters Olivia and Hetty, the King parents and children and some colourful Avonlea fixtures. Of course, the world outside Avonlea encroaches in an entertaining way by providing a diverse parade of visitors to the island. These personalities provide rich opportunities for great adventures. As the series matures and develops, award-winning guests lend their talents to portray these larger-than-life characters; Faye Dunaway, the late Christopher Reeve and Stockard Channing are just a few of the renowned actors who appear in Seasons 2 through 7. Their stories encompass situations that run the gamut from poignant to screwball. Among the 91 episodes there are many uproarious stories that celebrate childhood and imagination and others that deal in a light-hearted way with the serious subjects of birth, childhood, love, old age and death as experienced by a small North American community during the Edwardian era. Road to Avonlea is “One of the television’s more successful family shows”. The long running Canadian saga is regarded as something of an institution. Its sumptuous production values and satisfying story lines continue to captivate new viewers all over the world.

Awards & Accolades

The sweetest, kindest and gentlest show on television.